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Gaming Game pad equipped mobile phone
Multimedia adequate, affordable prices

Mobile phone testing is the entertainment sponsor, especially gaming, through the application emulator to play a special game console the withdrawal. Lenovo i909 in this, the emulator is used from the abbreviation NES Nintendo Entertainment System. That is, the 8-bit game console that Nintendo make also known as the Family Computer (Famicom). However, in addition to games, Lenovo i909 also offers a fixed-side with full multimedia prices.

View of the name brand: Lenovo, would be able to guess from which the original concept and design, such as what is shown. Mobile phone original land bamboo curtain is made in candy bar design. Model this cover with plastic in the dressing brown grayish. Unlike other mobile phone made in China, plastic material that is used Lenovo i909 is much more good and solid. Silver trim on the body thick add nuance stylish.

Lenovo i909 is a mobile phone gaming. This is seen from the two special keys that are embedded in the top corner of the body. Similar models in the access key stick game console. Unfortunately, the key is not operated for the most inbred to control game mobile phone. Although focused as a mobile phone game, but another element of entertainment to be fixed. For example, a media player. This feature is not a "stepchild" because i909 embed the music player control panel that its position is on the left side of body. With the presence of this panel, users can easily access music and play lists control song.

For the key D-pad and keypad structure, overall there is not that special. Standard model, with the level responsibility the rather good.

Display & User Interface
Display 262,144 colors used, with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Size was 2.6 inch wide to a mobile phone gaming. Clear with this, both images and video can be displayed with the maximum. However, Lenovo only be calculated with the intelligent use TFT LCD technology without the touch (touchscreen). Section, with the LCD screen with touch-risk be calculated more quickly rather than the usual damage.

Switch to the inter-face. Here, clearly visible new specialty home phone China. Games color, the icons and menu structure formation and brave enough to make it attractive. However, once more crawled in, this will directly effect clear. Moreover, the view sub menu i909 only decorated tiny icons plus fontasi type model with a standard list.

Like most multimedia phones, the i909 can also be the withdrawal multitasking capabilities for some entertainment features. Such as radio and music player.

Recommended Feature

NES Game Emulator
This is the superior of the Lenovo i909, NES Games Emulator. With this emulator, various fun games such as Nintendo made Mario Bros can be played smoothly. Moreover, in the sales package Lenovo i909 is also equipped with a game pad accessories. That is, stick to the game playing the withdrawal game console. Its Great ..!!!

Default, i909 also some fruit planted game. But you can also add games that you want. We live download, search for raw format (ROM) of NES games. Then copy it to a special folder that has been provided. Even with the availability of additional memory card slot and of a free 256 MB micro SD in the sales package, you can also add hundreds of mini-games to the phone.
As the game is played using a Nintendo device, display and performance of Lenovo i909 is not much different. Even the operation of the game pad. That, one feature that is very useful to fill in spare time.

Features excellent second try by Lenovo i909 have feature entertainment. That is, with provided in the music player / video and FM radio. Although the interface and the ability to translate standard audio files, but the presence of stereo loudspeaker in the body simply strengthen the hand phone multimedia phone. Perform quite good, although the maximum volume level is set, the audio is still nice out and not hear too broken.
Additional other that features can be found in this music is "Lyrics Display". By activating it, you can enjoy song at a time lyric in text format, the withdrawal karaoke.

Unlike other mobile phone China, Lenovo i909 actually embed the appropriate resolution of the camera with the quality offered. IE without the 2 mega pixel polarises. On the quality of the image, in a place with good lighting abundant indoor and outdoor, is quite good. Object color and image can be translated in a clear and smooth. Unfortunately, conditions for the less light, Lenovo i909 camera can not do much. Moreover, without accompanied lights flash.
In addition to photos, this camera phone can also be used to record film clips. Codex used to MPEG4 and H.263, the video format is MP4 and 3GP.

Internet & Connection
Phone line only uses GPRS, WAP browser with the standard. The result, the usual site only. However, to facilitate access to this service, Lenovo i909 careful enough with one embed a special button on the D-pad.
Meanwhile, this ability to connect mobile phones rely on facilities that already supports Bluetooth A2DP technology. In addition there is also a data cable.

Presence emulator game and the ability to be regarded multimedia computer, the Lenovo i909 battery using a high resistance to the wall. Unfortunately, this source of power only the crutch battery Lithium Ion 1050 mAh capacity. When all features are used successively in turn, this battery can only survive less than 1 day. However, if only used for standby, can standby for 2 days.

Of the many mobile phone gaming is circulating in the market, it should be i909 Lenovo. The phone is not only to provide entertainment through the typical popular Nintendo game, which easily can be added, including the presence of game pad as accessories that are available in the sales package.

However, other means of multimedia and camera support resolution original interpolation process without adding value of selling the phone.

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