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QWERTY Cheap, easy to Facebook & Chat
Specific Performance and Interface China Mobile Phone

It seems that the NX Nexian G900 will be a new phenomenon in the mobile industry Southeast Asia, friction domination phone analog TV. Marketing strategy is quite fit, with the following BlackBerry model through the presence of easy access to the site and the net social Facebook chat service.

This phone can be spelled out the first two features of the "excited" at this time, Facebook, and chat. In addition to trendy design, this phone also provides entertainment facilities are quite comprehensive.

Looks like a business smartphone, candybar body that have large QWERTY keyboard. Model cover design phone adopts the most talked-about people: BlackBerry. Elegant, but the effect of China can not remain hidden. Moreover, in the range D-pad. Two call buttons with icon number 1 and 2, give you a phone that has a dual task on.

A quite interesting, QWERTY keyboard actually adopted model BlackBerry Bold / Javelin, only the position of numeric keypad is just a little different. Size is small enough that the distance meetings, sometimes making the process of typing a message into a bit troublesome. However, the combination of rubber-plastic material under the keys is quite nice and soft when pressed.

On the body, is not found, for example control panel to set the volume and SHUTTER camera, there is only a mini USB port on the base body. Function, in addition to charging port is also used as a headset port and data cable. While access to the menu, use the G900 Nexian NX D-pad and some Softkey.

Display & User Interface
Nexian NX G900 interface on the mobile phone base java, but still limited version aka old model. Menu structure a little better than the other mobile phone brand circulating in the market, for example MicXon, MyG and HT Mobile. This is tailored to the design of similar width smartphone, with 1.75 inch size screen resolution 128 x 160 pixels.

When the default position, the main menu appears in the 3x4 grid. Icon menu sizable attractive. However, when I saw the menu in a more direct effect of China clearly visible. Submenu structure is created in list mode with no icon, only the numbers also show shortcut key for easy menu selection.

Excellent Features
Facebook & Chat
Two features of this attempt is given Nexian NX G900. The existence of two features, many buyers who willingly queued to get a special price during the launch of NX Nexian G900. For this purpose, NX Nexian G900 has been using a special client application. Facebook for example, in the main menu you can find an application for social networking services that are this trend.

However, the application in facebook Nexian NX-G900 is on the bottom is not far different from the facebook mobile client it can be installed on other phone platforms that support Java MIDP (J2ME). Use is also not better, just a status update for Facebook, to give comments or just facebook friends monitor the status of another friend. Compare the property with the BlackBerry, the facilities offered more details. in fact, you can also directly upload photos to facebook profiles.

Because it is a mobile application, the application interface is also tailored to the mobile phone browser. Automatic, the appearance standard can also be seen. Performance on facebook Nexian NX G900 feels slow. In fact, you often have to refresh the browser page to return to a view that is being opened because the GPRS route is still used less stable and often lost in the street.

To chat, G900 Nexian NX eBuddy application using version 1.1. This application is compatible for many service providers Instant Messaging. Between Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, AIM, MySpace, ICQ and Facebook.

However, the performance of applications such as facebook chat is also slower and less maximum. For the first time loading takes about 5 minutes, can go to the menu sign. So also when to activate the account according to the IM service used. The process is slightly complicated, because the internet connection frequently dropped out. But for the performance of chatting, eBuddy this application can also be relied upon. Moreover, can also display multiple communication via IM account owned.

This is the typical mobile phone low end Chinese origin, cheaper and feature rich. Affairs of the quality of the numbers. But not so with the NX Nexian G900, the entertainment this sizable gain serious attention. For example, audio player, although the interface but just a normal player can play MP3 with smoothly. Output audio sizable presence with good stereo loudspeaker. Music sounds that came out quite good compared with other Chinese mobile phone such as Titan V73 or GF333 IMO. Unfortunately, the performance of this option is not supported with the Equalizer. So only rely on the settings from the factory.

Luckily, the facilities provided background playing Nexian NX G900. A result, you can still enjoy the song while opening other features. In fact, with the Bluetooth stereo output, the sound track can be sent to a Bluetooth headset support A2DP profile.

In addition to music, Nexian NX G900 also provides a video player that can display the clips with avi format, 3gp and MPEG4. For the second option, provided the FM radio. Interestingly, these features include the ability to record radio broadcasts that can be heard again later. There are also facilities to schedule FM record setting time record radio. The result can be also used as an alarm.

Overall, the multimedia facility in Nexian NX G900 tolerable good when compared with its rival classmates. Moreover, the phone has been equipped with memory expansion slot that is available in the sales package microUSB 1 GB free.

Although not superior features, NX Nexian G900 include a fixed camera. Resolution of the lens is only a VGA, with a maximum image size of 640 x 480 pixels.

Matter of quality, certainly not many that can be expected. The results still look blurry images and poor focus. Beyond the camera, but compared to B515, G900 property NX better. Noise Exposure and over is not too visible. For the camcorder, camera NX G900 can record movie clips avi format. The result was not too satisfying, but when night mode is activated you can still take advantage of the ability to 3x image zooming, and a whitebalance.

Network & Connectivity
For internet business, NX Nexian G900 only on GPRS data bearer. Not much different than the other Chinese mobile phone, most of whom are not touching the line EDGE especially 3G. withdraw it, a network for browsing the internet can be selected between the card 1 or card 2. With this capability, each SIM card can be used to enjoy all the services offered by the service. In other words, the two cards really "On" is not just a "Standby", such as mobile phone Dual On another.

For connection problems, the phone offers Bluetooth and miniUSB data cable. Cool it, Nexian NX G900 Bluetooth support A2DP profile. So to get the sound quality of wireless music, live to connect a compatible Bluetooth headset.

Performance miniUSB data cable provided in the sales package is quite good. In addition can connect to the PC to make phone as mass storage, the presence of the PC suite can also be used to organize the files the phone to the PC. Meanwhile, the Internet's ability to Nexian NX G900 has been using the browser add more bandwidth than sparing the default WAP browser, the Opera Mini 4.0.

The presence of two network services that rely on the internet certainly much energy the battery drain. In addition the two SIM cards. Automatic, resources must also be adequate. Therefore, using the G900 Nexian NX Lithium Ion battery with 1000 mAh capacity.

For mobile phones that have a full QWERTY keyboard, NX Nexian G900 has a cheap price. A trendy design and supported features two trends for the most current (facebook & Chat), took up Nexian NX G900 eyes consumers.

Unfortunately, this facility is not supported with data and browsing the internet security. Result, the performance of the two features are (Facebook & Chat) seemed less maximal. Moreover, not with multitasking capabilities. So to enjoy the features should be more responsive to the first turn off one of them.


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Technology in the service SurePress touch
3G support, other features are still the same

BlackBerry phenomenon is strong enough inherent in society. Even High end segment dominated Nokia now begin to compete less by BlackBerry handset. To further widen wing, the BlackBerry series that combines the business and multimedia, the BlackBerry Storm 9500.

BlackBerry Storm 9500 variants can be spelled out in the new BlackBerry portfolio. The rather innovative design and that is the same as the BlackBerry QWERTY is so viscous and changes in the interface using the touch screen cause pro and contra.

You have small hands will be busy to access the menu on the top of the default view range. However, the presence of the ability to auto rotate the screen landscape mode, easier for users to use two hands to access the menu.

The loss in the front panel keypad, not without reason. Here, innovation is a new BlackBerry that is applied to most new products. For typing and other access, BlackBerry Storm 9500 to set up a virtual keyboard.

Unlike the full QWERTY keyboard that is used sail touch other smartphone, BlackBerry Storm 9500 property using new technology, known as "SurePress". Through this technology, the process of typing still feel the withdrawal pressing conventional keypad. Screen is not only untouched, but it really should be. This mechanism facilitated the spring under the screen.

Unfortunately, that make you not use the "SurePress" This certainly feels busy. Moreover, the display is there in the BlackBerry 9500 Storm does not feel rock solid, or due to a special pedal that is used.

Compared with the Bold and Javelin, BlackBerry Storm 9500 has been using the new operating system version, namely 4.7. Automatic, look and menu structure is also different smartphone. The menu icons appear larger than the Bold and Javelin property.

But a matter of strength and clarity screen, BlackBerry Storm 9500 property remain the same with the Bold, Curve and the Javelin, with no upgrade performance. Only a technology that changed the model to the touch screen. Model flashjuga no animation in the interface BlackBerry Storm 9500, The form of static images with classic folders.

If compared with other technologies such as Touch TouchWiz UI, Apple's portable OSX and Nokia S60 5th edition, owned BlackBerry Storm 9500 is still less attractive.

Processors & Memory
Interface changes surely have an effect on the performance of hardware and software inside. For that, use the BlackBerry Storm 9500 processor with 624 MHz clock speed. more powerful than the Javelin, but if compared with the Bold just a little different.

Unfortunately, the flash memory on the BlackBerry Storm 9500 is only 128 MB. Result, the level of acceleration performance and the system so slow. Alternative to storage, BlackBerry Storm 9500 to prepare the memory card slot MicroSD manifold. Hinga capacity of 16 GB.

Excellent Features
Like previous series BlackBerry, BlackBerry Internet Service or BlackBerry Enterprise Server service to become the most dominant. Almost all countries, this service integrates with the mobile operator. Through the services offered, users can access email in real time, without having to enter the database webmail first.

Not only for access to email, this facility can also connect you with the features that are now hot. As the access portal facebook, chatting to upload images to use (Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, AOL, Windows Live, ICQ and the BlackBerry Messenger).

The process of setting and the login to each service is also easy, important service BIS / SSX has been activated.

Features for navigation, using the BlackBerry 9500 Storm path Assisted-GPS that is, through the cellular network operator. Meanwhile, for its own digital map, is available BlackBerry Maps. But you also still can add a digital map software of third parties such as Google Maps.

For performance, A-GPS on the BlackBerry Storm 9500 can be used as a navigation guide traveling. Navigation routes and estimation of the time also can be displayed properly. Can be in text format and route map.

For office work, this smartphone is very useful also sustain business activity. Features that support them in any Office To Go (Word, Sheet, slideshow), MemoPad, Task and Note that Voice can be sent directly via email or instant messenger.

During the process of writing tasks and notes, BlackBerry Storm 9500 also made it easier to copy / paste data.

In the entertainment sector, BlackBerry Storm 9500 to compete with Nokia XpressMusic tight. Have camera, music player / video and gaming. For the camera, smartphone has a 3.2 megapixel camera resolution plus the ability to autofocus and flash.

Matter of interface and features supporting others, property BlackBerry Storm 9500 is the same as the property of Javelin. Default position of the image such as a digital camera similar. Unfortunately the position of the camera lens and flash lights in the back corner of the body feels less fit. Because, while the left finger images sometimes cover the lens and flash. In addition, the camera's response to determine the focus point automatically be calculated still slow. In fact, to move an object caught will difficult. Luckily, a little to improve this add smartphone features image stabilizer.

To record video, with the ability Javelin and Bold. The image resolution can be adjusted for various purposes. Good for email / MMS or video player in accordance brought BlackBerry Storm 9500.

Saraba other entertainment is also not less important is the media player. Here, you can choose to display photos, video, ringtone, record sound or play music. It looks simple, with the same interface with the Javelin and Blod. But a matter of capability, this player is not less than the media player Sony Ericcson Walkman phone. There are also port female jack 3.5 mm.

Unfortunately, for the alternative entertainment, this smartphone will only provide some of the fruit game without Fm radio.

Connectivity & Internet
Unlike the Bold and Javelin, Storm BlacBerry only rely on media such as Bluetooth connectivity and a data cable without microSD WiFi. This is a shortfall. Given that, you do not subscribe to the BIS / SSX can only rely on the service line GPRS/3G only for browsing the Internet. Can not access through a free WiFi Hotspot.

For Internet browser, BlackBerry Storm 9500 on home-made browser that supports wap and web format.

BlackBerry Storm 9500 using Lithium Ion battery as power source. Capacity is the same as the standard Javelin, which is 1400 mAh. With additional features that 3G is enabled continuously, automatic battery endurance so extravagant compared with the Javelin. Normal, can only standby for 1 day.

From the seniornya, BlackBerry Storm 9500 can be spelled out most products made revolusioaner BlackBerry. Touchscreen presence, with the technology "SurePress" able to bring a new sensation lovers mobile phone business as well as multimedia. As well as a touch screen with pembeda owned iPhone 3G and pocketpc. There is a 3G network and A-GPS so plus point.

However, its exclusive service BIS / SSX BlackBerry sometimes making enough. Moreover, it must be a PIN, and subscribe to the service operator. If not, you can only use the BlackBerry for a phone and sms only.


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Good show despite lagging Start Full Multimedia, DivX and 8 MP camera quality so are the main

LG Renoir KC910 eventually comes to fight in the class 8 megapixel camera. Samsung, Sony Ericsson and has VirtuV first technology to offer high-resolution camera like this.

Scanning LG Renoir reminds us of the product, Viewty. This contention appears due to the existence of the touch screen and lack of key control at Renoir. No one really, Renoir was launched to replace the Viewty, full multimedia, complete with the camera quality is better.

Box, a bit broad but still faithful to the proportions of a mobile phone is a little word that can describe the shape of the KC910. Unlike the iPhone 3G or a PDA to a broad side, can still spelled KC910 slim candybar.

Almost the entire front section is dominated by the mobile phone screen. The rest, empty area filled by three button and earpiece. The face of the phone by a plastic coated with a hard effect doff. However, the key and the battery cover is plastic, coated glass transparent so impressed slippery and dirty easily.

In the battery cover we can see the camera's microphone. Closed with the lens mechanism play. Lens cover is a little difficult to access because it is small. Beside, we also find the flash and the focus indicator.

In Renoir KC910, LG using the touch interface as the Viewty and Cookies. Similar appearance to the property of Samsung's TouchWiz interface. Where we can set the widget that appears in the main screen. Start from analog, digital, calendar, music.

TFT touch screen with a resolution 262,144 color 240 x 400 pixels (WQVGA) described in the 3 inch diagonal. Wide enough for our fingers acceleration. Feedback resonance method with access to several men, including for sending sms does not make us. Quality screen Renoir can only competed by the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Storm.

Excellent Features
LG Renoir has a camera that is good. Resolution camera with a Schneider-Kreuznach label that brought the number reaches 8 megapixel. Can produce images with resolution up to 3264 x 2448 pixels. In superfine quality, the image can reach the size of 1.5 to 2 mb. A number of means to take digital photos are available in the software. Start of autofocus, manual focus, macro mode, white balance. Manual focus is also easily done with just the touch where you want to be a focus on the touch screen.

When viewed in the outdoor images, almost all of the image appears focused. Included in the corners that usually begin fading, and the distance from the point of focus. While the use of cameras in the room also so not a problem. Thanks to the presence of type Xenon flash lamp, the light issued able to fill the empty space on the object image. But not too close, the flash light can make the image look too bright.

In addition to still images, the camera is also equipped Renoir video recording ability that extraordinary. Codec full, including DivX, MPEG4 will make the camera record video in avi format. Framerate resolution ranging from VGA, WQVA, up to QVGA resolution smaller for mms.

Variations in framerate that is divided into 3 normal, slow motion and fast motion. Where for the normal 30 fps, 120 fps for slow motion and 5 fps for fast motion. We can create an interesting video with this option. But the memory space available must be large, because the type of media format such as this are great.

In addition to the camera, actual load Renoir many other multimedia features. One is a music player. LG characteristic appearance, which is sorting the files and look good now playing info ID3Tag have supported a more accurate. Quality of output is also not less. LG was first to use Dolby Mobile technology to a more surround sound and vigorous. Unfortunately, the hole for 3.5 mm audio is not available in this phone.

Next is a video player. The withdrawal for the record, video player is also capable of displaying video files in avi divx format. Unfortunately not all avi format can be played. Easy condition, just not popular for most mobile phone users. That is the file you want to play should be a mix between the MPEG4 video codec and audio codec aac/mp3. If you use another codec, avi divx is read as a file that does not support.

In addition, we can find a video editor, FM radio, java and flash games.

Internet & Connectivity
Renoir brings 7.2 Mbps HSDPA technology. Business is certain to download the media files or watching streaming media can be done without problems. Another way to access the internet are also available, the Wifi network. LG can be spelled out is quite complete facilities provide internet connection in the phone. Including a browser that is ready to use with touch user interface.

Bluetooth and data cable is also available with a complete profile. you can send files and audio (A2DP) with this type of connection.

There are GPS receiver on the phone. You can set the type of reception of satellite information, whether Assisted (A-GPS) or stand alone, only rely on receiver mobile technology without assistance. When default, this GPS can only be used in the camera as a means of geo-Tagging, Google Maps application and a jogging buddy.

LG Renoir using battery Lithium Ion 1000 mAh for power supply. Battery power is the power to compensate for the many standard features of the phone. Luckily, LG management have power enough respite. Once in the charging, the phone survived for 1.5 days.

LG KC910 Renoir mobile phone is not multimedia best. Although the full-featured, only the camera that adds value of this product. Interface is very good impression caused by touching the screen Renoir.

Unfortunately, many lack the browsing and are not friendly with the fingers. That is, we are forced to use the stylus for a more intense, for example browsing the menu and the Internet.


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Cool design, and network TV can Dual On

As mobile TV, IMO TV500 be calculated quite thin. Design mimics Nokia E51. With the main screen size 2.2 inch. Wide witness to broadcast news. Leisure is also in support with the presence kick stand in the back of the body. In addition there is also the ability autorotate gravity sensors based on screen, while watching TV and enjoy the multimedia features.

Based on the initial specification, the phone network with GSM Dual On this also has two cameras. The front of the VGA, while the back is a megapixel.

For entertainment, the phone has been set up MP3/MP4 player, FM radio, Bluetooth and an additional memory card slot.


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Two more flexible with the Keyboard
New alternative or just repairs E71

Nokia E75 is a product of new business products released following a long E71 in the market. A number of repair options and interface are provided so that users do not get stuck into one type of course. Something that competitors be overlooked, including BlackBerry.

Carry the same features with the E71 does not mean to make this product not eligible to be tested. Thus E75 gives more flexibility to users. As the presence of two different input methods that are able to provide options for users when some of the different functions.

Form design more similar to E75 ordinary mobile phone, as broad as the form of a BlackBerry phone and PDA omitted here. The benefits we can enjoy the most is holding the phone, with one hand only.

If at any time you need a larger keyboard, for example, to type a document, or chatting with a high speed. You can use the qwerty keyboard is hidden in the slider phone. As usual, looks typical qwerty Nokia where Q, A and Z are in one column the same.

Unfortunately, the Nokia E75 qwerty keyboard is not a function of the withdrawal control keyboard HTC Touch Pro. So, to access the other features, we still have to use the d-pad is the main mobile phone. No problem if you only use to type messages and documents.

In general, the phone is dominated by the metal material so that the phone looks like the previous model. However, the small size make this phone far more comfortable and be placed in the trousers pocket.

Most of the mobile phone business has Nokia Symbian OS S60 3rd edition. So also with the Nokia E75, the E75, but have the feature pack update already. There are some new things that we can find, one of which is the menu layout that is different from other products.

Function is good, that is collecting some of the features similar to that in a folder. But it is a little confusing that they would like a new move from E71 to E75. But as you know, this tat situation itself can be edited, customized with the habit. Characteristic of Symbian S60.

To display, use the E75 type TFT 16 million colors. Appear in the diagonal and 2.4 inch QVGA resolution. As a comparison, the resolution of BlackBerry Bold is 2x larger to reach this resolution, and HTC Touch Pro is 4x larger.

Meanwhile, facilities for the control, d-pad is accompanied alphanumeric keypad on the front and the qwerty keyboard is hidden behind the slide mechanism.

Further into the E75, we will find the brain of all this furor phone. A processor ARM 11 369 MHz. Meanwhile, the memory can be spelled E75 decreased. Provided only 50 MB only. Compare that with the E71 memory load 2 times larger.

Excellent Features
Nokia eMail
Announced after a few months ago, Nokia Email can be used with the full. activation is not difficult and can be done quickly. However, we still use the service as a means APN comes to mobile email. When tried, email can be sent in realtime.

Lack, Nokia Email will only facilitate email only. Not up to Nokia chat between users or facilitate Facebook. Perhaps Nokia could later develop services-based server and BlacBerry rival service, but for now only in the email that can counter the Nokia E75.

Mobile Office
Nokia has experience in facilitating the document file. Since the old E series, support, Quick Office does not stop is provided for this type of mobile phone users. Including the type of E75. There is no problem with the display, because the position can be changed to landscape the area that will expand the file appears when you open or edit.

Type of format that can be opened is still the same, the word, exel and powerpoint. While the PDF to be separated by a feature called Adobe Reader LE PDF.

Internet & Connectivity
No one can be reproached in this side. Everything is provided for ease of doing business, both the data network for internet and email to complete the connection type.

3G HSDPA technology which allows data transfer speed is 3.6 Mbps phone this weapon pledge. With the transfer of data, send a business email and watch the streaming can be done without restriction. If the accident is in the area that has a hotspot, you can also take advantage of technology that is in the Wifi phone.

Unlike the iPhone 3G, mobile phone is equipped with Bluetooth full profile, including A2DP, and can be used to send files between devices that have Bluetooth.

The existence of a 3.2 megapixel digital camera that has the ability autofucus flash lights and make a reliable E75 camera to record spontaneous moments with the quality that remains awake.

E75 camera also has the ability record VGA resolution video with framerate 30 fps. This means that the video camera phone showing solid speed with a stable equivalent to DVD quality when displayed on the screen conventional TV.

We can also enjoy music player Nokia. The view that there is not as interesting property series N. sorting file complete, and display the Now Playing information ID3Tag keywords that are most appropriate for explaining.

One thing that is less likely the presence of 3.5-mm audio port. Usually this is only in the N series Nokia phone or XPRESSMUSIC and this is good news for those of you looking for a business device with the multimedia features are equivalent.


Return, enter the nokia GPS receiver on the phone. Capabilities supported by information via mobile and the BTS is called the A-GPS. Accuracy is not as great portable GPS device, but it is quite reliable in the city because it has a large and fast network update by Nokia Maps.

When compared with the E71, this mobile phone battery power has decreased. Capacity taken only at 100 mAh. With the type of Lithium Ion battery, the power of this appears inadequate. In one mobile phone charging can survive 1.5 days.

Nokia E75 in the present time. At the competition with a product that has pushmail seem like a difficult won the match, the old Nokia Mail is already used in this product.

Completeness of features, weapons become a mainstay, but some issues with the operating system and overall system performance is still leaving doubt. However, E75 is a Symbian S60 device that combines the ability E66 with E71, where the interface and support a third party is not a problem for this phone.


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New snapshot, more features

From the label that brought the name, it is clear if this incoming generation of mobile phone "Snap-shot". Of course, the ease in the operation of the camera features the most reliable Sony Ericsson S312.

Media photography phone, using the 2 mega pixel camera. Equipped illuminasi shortcuts, for easy access to facility cameras. One again, S312 is also equipped with the "one click" to the video recorder. There are also Photo Fix, which can be used to improve the image results that are less okay.

You have the desire to spread the photos online, the service can use the picture blogging. Meanwhile, to send to other devices via Bluetooth can already support A2DP.

For other features, Sony Ericsson S312 is also setting up additional memory card slot type of Memory Stick Micro (M2), Media player, Fm radio and LCD design that has anti-scratch glass.


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The Apple 3G Technology
Multimedia Interface, and the number one

Although not as Blackberry handset brand, which is at once the service server, the iPhone has a superior service based on internet, that is, the iTunes Store. Before signs present iPhone, software and services store digital content can not be accessed by iPhone users in Indonesia.

Now it is certainly different. Facilities and infrastructure to maximize the iPhone can already be done, though less perfect in the digital music store. Unfortunately, the price offered so high, that does not directly map the market will create itself. What performance? I will study here.

Views on the iPhone 3G is still basically the same as the beginning of the next generation iPhone. Forms have been imitated by many mobile phone brands with a local Chinese. The broad surface of the phone screen with more dominant. However, different from the first iPhone, this phone uses a plastic material, especially on the back. Compare with the aluminum theme that brought the previous iPhone.

But it does not mean the back of the new iPhone can be opened such as mobile phones made in China. No, it is the same with the iPhone before the iPhone battery stored in the device this meeting. That is, the SIM card is home made separate, no longer put a room together with a battery as a normal mobile phone.

Complaints may be on the glossy plastic material and glass screen protector phone. Almost all parts of a magnet for fingerprints. In fact, the finger is the main tool to interact with the iPhone 3G. not found the button on the phone. A number of the volume keys, power button at once and stand by a switch lock profile (mute) will accompany the present home button below the main screen.

iPhone 3G uses the operating system that is dderivat from Mac OS X. call as part of the iPhone OS, but there is also a call OS X iPhone. This system provides the iPhone's unique interface, which is using the concept of direct manipulation through a variety of movement via the touch teknoligi Multi Touch. That is, the system will recognize the touch in a variety of profiles. For example, when we only intend replace the menu page, then the movement of fingers caress akan translated well.

iPhone mobile phone has been recognized as the most revolutionary Touch UI. So do not wonder if the latest mobile phone, the iPhone 3G is not an obstacle. There is a TFT touch screen support is referred to as the capacitive touchscreen, with a diagonal size of 3.5 inch, QVGA resolution and 24 bit color depth then presented the view that solid look.

Menu will appear in the grid with interesting icons. This type of view has been imitated by some mobile phone made in China. There are two parts here. The most knowledgeable in the area above. Here we can add many new menu icons to reach back to some of the pages. While the second is in the bottom tier, consisting of 4 icons the function of the phone, mail, web browser (safari) and iPod (multimedia player).

Like the old Apple device, such as the iPod. iPhone 3G also has connectivity to the device requires a computer. Create you own a notebook or laptop computer and Windows is also the basis for the Mac, this is not a problem. Since activation, we are required to connect the iPhone 3G to iTunes desktop software as a suit ago to connect to the internet.

Therefore the store, which was appointed to sell the iPhone 3G activation will be conducted prior to this phone you can take home.

Excellent Features
Describe the first iPhone as an iPod that can be used for the phone. Although not precise, as this supposition can not spelled wrong also. With the interesting design of Apple iPhone 3G still an entertainment device the withdrawal of circulating iPod first.

iPod itself is a trademark owned portable music player Apple. Not only as the name of a hardware, iPod in the iPhone is also a multimedia software which consists of a number of entertainment functions.

First that we can get is a music player. Type of format that is supported very diverse, ranging from MP3, M4A, AAC and WMA. For the last mentioned earlier, there will be efforts made the previous conversion by iTunes desktop is the backbone of the iPhone functions as a whole.

Synchronize music player 3G iPhone with iTunes is a must. As with iPod, transfer music can only be done through a desktop music player this. How you enter the itunes music files in the computer, and the synchronization, file akan dn sent directly to the iPhone.

The mechanism is different reap the positive and negative responses. For the positive terms, the device iPhone you will be more personal. How not, when the computer is connected to iTunes and synchronized others, the music files that come from the computer you will be deleted and replaced with the music files on the computer.

For negative terms, this is for some people is making. Other mobile phone users can use drag and drop or copy / paste of the music files they want to enjoy from their mobile phone to the computer.

Besides the music player, the iPod can also enjoy our videos, podcasts and audiobook. Overall the system uses the same file transfer, namely through the iTunes desktop. Unfortunately, although supported by the big screen, the video format is still limited to 3gp and mp4 only.

For audio output, use the iPhone 3G two of the main speakers are placed near the mobile phone data port and 3.5 mm audio jack. although it has two separate shaft, the sound produced is not so stereo speakers. This is different with the support of 3.5 mm which is quite satisfactory.

Create you own a stereo headset Buletooth, certainly disappointed because there is no A2DP support on the phone. Although there are reasons that reasonable enough, so that we can hear the best sound quality through headphones or using a cable that does not keep the battery runs out quickly due to the activation Bluetooth.

To enjoy the iPhone via a Bluetooth headset we have tried A2DP Bluetooth converter for iPod. However, there is no report about compatibility.

HSDPA & Connectivity
3G in the name iPohone 3G not only to differentiate the device with the previous product. In fact, mobile phone 3G iPhone has been supported by the data network's maximum speed 3.6 Mbps via a channel WDCMA / HSDPA 850/1900/2100 MHz.

High-speed data channel will give users flexibility in the iPhone 3G in the data path to access the area with a wider scope. For a more narrow area, we can use other means such as Wifi connection. During this we are in the hotspot, we can access the internet with a steady speed.

Wifi connection is very useful when we download an application that is larger than 10 MB. Because the system only allows HSDPA iPhone to download files with size smaller than that.

Means of connection is Bluetooth. But Bluetooth is here used to accommodate the many aliases used for hands-free Bluetooth for handsfree phone only. iPhone 3G does not have the ability to send files via Bluetooth to other devices. The main reason for this limitation is to prevent the spread of piracy and file.

While the iPhone browser that is used is a browser developed by Apple, Safari Browser. Does not look much different with the other browser, but with support for the touchscreen interface is developed, this browser are most suitable to the iPhone. Safari brings Google as default search site.

iTunes Store & Application
Additional services that can be enjoyed on the Iphone 3G is a direct access to the iTunes store and the Application store. Just remind, two links to the digital online store is owned by Apple, known only as the iTunes store in iTunes desktop. Meanwhile, when moved to the handheld device, divided into two different stores.

One example application is provided free facebook iPhone. Facebook iPhone has a better view and a more perfect inerja compared with the Blackberry property.

But to be able to enjoy, we must have the iTunes account. You can register your phone number is in the iPhone that can download directly via mobile phones. Unfortunately, to create an account, we also need to have a credit card.

iPhone 3G equipped with internal GPS receiver. The performance of the GPS mobile phone with others. That is, the GPS device is not for navigation of the absolute, but a direction we know it. Unlike the portable GPS device that is made for a more serious purpose.

Many things you can do this with the GPS, in addition to the GoogleMap provided, we can also add geo-tags your photos and facilitator of the third party applications on the location information.

No information about the capacity of the battery used iPhone 3G. but Apple claims that the party that brought the capacity better than the previous product. This is because the presence of features that HSDPA will drain more energy. With the normal use of the browser, iPod and camera, this phone can survive 1.5 days in one charging.


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