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QWERTY Cheap, easy to Facebook & Chat
Specific Performance and Interface China Mobile Phone

It seems that the NX Nexian G900 will be a new phenomenon in the mobile industry Southeast Asia, friction domination phone analog TV. Marketing strategy is quite fit, with the following BlackBerry model through the presence of easy access to the site and the net social Facebook chat service.

This phone can be spelled out the first two features of the "excited" at this time, Facebook, and chat. In addition to trendy design, this phone also provides entertainment facilities are quite comprehensive.

Looks like a business smartphone, candybar body that have large QWERTY keyboard. Model cover design phone adopts the most talked-about people: BlackBerry. Elegant, but the effect of China can not remain hidden. Moreover, in the range D-pad. Two call buttons with icon number 1 and 2, give you a phone that has a dual task on.

A quite interesting, QWERTY keyboard actually adopted model BlackBerry Bold / Javelin, only the position of numeric keypad is just a little different. Size is small enough that the distance meetings, sometimes making the process of typing a message into a bit troublesome. However, the combination of rubber-plastic material under the keys is quite nice and soft when pressed.

On the body, is not found, for example control panel to set the volume and SHUTTER camera, there is only a mini USB port on the base body. Function, in addition to charging port is also used as a headset port and data cable. While access to the menu, use the G900 Nexian NX D-pad and some Softkey.

Display & User Interface
Nexian NX G900 interface on the mobile phone base java, but still limited version aka old model. Menu structure a little better than the other mobile phone brand circulating in the market, for example MicXon, MyG and HT Mobile. This is tailored to the design of similar width smartphone, with 1.75 inch size screen resolution 128 x 160 pixels.

When the default position, the main menu appears in the 3x4 grid. Icon menu sizable attractive. However, when I saw the menu in a more direct effect of China clearly visible. Submenu structure is created in list mode with no icon, only the numbers also show shortcut key for easy menu selection.

Excellent Features
Facebook & Chat
Two features of this attempt is given Nexian NX G900. The existence of two features, many buyers who willingly queued to get a special price during the launch of NX Nexian G900. For this purpose, NX Nexian G900 has been using a special client application. Facebook for example, in the main menu you can find an application for social networking services that are this trend.

However, the application in facebook Nexian NX-G900 is on the bottom is not far different from the facebook mobile client it can be installed on other phone platforms that support Java MIDP (J2ME). Use is also not better, just a status update for Facebook, to give comments or just facebook friends monitor the status of another friend. Compare the property with the BlackBerry, the facilities offered more details. in fact, you can also directly upload photos to facebook profiles.

Because it is a mobile application, the application interface is also tailored to the mobile phone browser. Automatic, the appearance standard can also be seen. Performance on facebook Nexian NX G900 feels slow. In fact, you often have to refresh the browser page to return to a view that is being opened because the GPRS route is still used less stable and often lost in the street.

To chat, G900 Nexian NX eBuddy application using version 1.1. This application is compatible for many service providers Instant Messaging. Between Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, AIM, MySpace, ICQ and Facebook.

However, the performance of applications such as facebook chat is also slower and less maximum. For the first time loading takes about 5 minutes, can go to the menu sign. So also when to activate the account according to the IM service used. The process is slightly complicated, because the internet connection frequently dropped out. But for the performance of chatting, eBuddy this application can also be relied upon. Moreover, can also display multiple communication via IM account owned.

This is the typical mobile phone low end Chinese origin, cheaper and feature rich. Affairs of the quality of the numbers. But not so with the NX Nexian G900, the entertainment this sizable gain serious attention. For example, audio player, although the interface but just a normal player can play MP3 with smoothly. Output audio sizable presence with good stereo loudspeaker. Music sounds that came out quite good compared with other Chinese mobile phone such as Titan V73 or GF333 IMO. Unfortunately, the performance of this option is not supported with the Equalizer. So only rely on the settings from the factory.

Luckily, the facilities provided background playing Nexian NX G900. A result, you can still enjoy the song while opening other features. In fact, with the Bluetooth stereo output, the sound track can be sent to a Bluetooth headset support A2DP profile.

In addition to music, Nexian NX G900 also provides a video player that can display the clips with avi format, 3gp and MPEG4. For the second option, provided the FM radio. Interestingly, these features include the ability to record radio broadcasts that can be heard again later. There are also facilities to schedule FM record setting time record radio. The result can be also used as an alarm.

Overall, the multimedia facility in Nexian NX G900 tolerable good when compared with its rival classmates. Moreover, the phone has been equipped with memory expansion slot that is available in the sales package microUSB 1 GB free.

Although not superior features, NX Nexian G900 include a fixed camera. Resolution of the lens is only a VGA, with a maximum image size of 640 x 480 pixels.

Matter of quality, certainly not many that can be expected. The results still look blurry images and poor focus. Beyond the camera, but compared to B515, G900 property NX better. Noise Exposure and over is not too visible. For the camcorder, camera NX G900 can record movie clips avi format. The result was not too satisfying, but when night mode is activated you can still take advantage of the ability to 3x image zooming, and a whitebalance.

Network & Connectivity
For internet business, NX Nexian G900 only on GPRS data bearer. Not much different than the other Chinese mobile phone, most of whom are not touching the line EDGE especially 3G. withdraw it, a network for browsing the internet can be selected between the card 1 or card 2. With this capability, each SIM card can be used to enjoy all the services offered by the service. In other words, the two cards really "On" is not just a "Standby", such as mobile phone Dual On another.

For connection problems, the phone offers Bluetooth and miniUSB data cable. Cool it, Nexian NX G900 Bluetooth support A2DP profile. So to get the sound quality of wireless music, live to connect a compatible Bluetooth headset.

Performance miniUSB data cable provided in the sales package is quite good. In addition can connect to the PC to make phone as mass storage, the presence of the PC suite can also be used to organize the files the phone to the PC. Meanwhile, the Internet's ability to Nexian NX G900 has been using the browser add more bandwidth than sparing the default WAP browser, the Opera Mini 4.0.

The presence of two network services that rely on the internet certainly much energy the battery drain. In addition the two SIM cards. Automatic, resources must also be adequate. Therefore, using the G900 Nexian NX Lithium Ion battery with 1000 mAh capacity.

For mobile phones that have a full QWERTY keyboard, NX Nexian G900 has a cheap price. A trendy design and supported features two trends for the most current (facebook & Chat), took up Nexian NX G900 eyes consumers.

Unfortunately, this facility is not supported with data and browsing the internet security. Result, the performance of the two features are (Facebook & Chat) seemed less maximal. Moreover, not with multitasking capabilities. So to enjoy the features should be more responsive to the first turn off one of them.


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