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Two more flexible with the Keyboard
New alternative or just repairs E71

Nokia E75 is a product of new business products released following a long E71 in the market. A number of repair options and interface are provided so that users do not get stuck into one type of course. Something that competitors be overlooked, including BlackBerry.

Carry the same features with the E71 does not mean to make this product not eligible to be tested. Thus E75 gives more flexibility to users. As the presence of two different input methods that are able to provide options for users when some of the different functions.

Form design more similar to E75 ordinary mobile phone, as broad as the form of a BlackBerry phone and PDA omitted here. The benefits we can enjoy the most is holding the phone, with one hand only.

If at any time you need a larger keyboard, for example, to type a document, or chatting with a high speed. You can use the qwerty keyboard is hidden in the slider phone. As usual, looks typical qwerty Nokia where Q, A and Z are in one column the same.

Unfortunately, the Nokia E75 qwerty keyboard is not a function of the withdrawal control keyboard HTC Touch Pro. So, to access the other features, we still have to use the d-pad is the main mobile phone. No problem if you only use to type messages and documents.

In general, the phone is dominated by the metal material so that the phone looks like the previous model. However, the small size make this phone far more comfortable and be placed in the trousers pocket.

Most of the mobile phone business has Nokia Symbian OS S60 3rd edition. So also with the Nokia E75, the E75, but have the feature pack update already. There are some new things that we can find, one of which is the menu layout that is different from other products.

Function is good, that is collecting some of the features similar to that in a folder. But it is a little confusing that they would like a new move from E71 to E75. But as you know, this tat situation itself can be edited, customized with the habit. Characteristic of Symbian S60.

To display, use the E75 type TFT 16 million colors. Appear in the diagonal and 2.4 inch QVGA resolution. As a comparison, the resolution of BlackBerry Bold is 2x larger to reach this resolution, and HTC Touch Pro is 4x larger.

Meanwhile, facilities for the control, d-pad is accompanied alphanumeric keypad on the front and the qwerty keyboard is hidden behind the slide mechanism.

Further into the E75, we will find the brain of all this furor phone. A processor ARM 11 369 MHz. Meanwhile, the memory can be spelled E75 decreased. Provided only 50 MB only. Compare that with the E71 memory load 2 times larger.

Excellent Features
Nokia eMail
Announced after a few months ago, Nokia Email can be used with the full. activation is not difficult and can be done quickly. However, we still use the service as a means APN comes to mobile email. When tried, email can be sent in realtime.

Lack, Nokia Email will only facilitate email only. Not up to Nokia chat between users or facilitate Facebook. Perhaps Nokia could later develop services-based server and BlacBerry rival service, but for now only in the email that can counter the Nokia E75.

Mobile Office
Nokia has experience in facilitating the document file. Since the old E series, support, Quick Office does not stop is provided for this type of mobile phone users. Including the type of E75. There is no problem with the display, because the position can be changed to landscape the area that will expand the file appears when you open or edit.

Type of format that can be opened is still the same, the word, exel and powerpoint. While the PDF to be separated by a feature called Adobe Reader LE PDF.

Internet & Connectivity
No one can be reproached in this side. Everything is provided for ease of doing business, both the data network for internet and email to complete the connection type.

3G HSDPA technology which allows data transfer speed is 3.6 Mbps phone this weapon pledge. With the transfer of data, send a business email and watch the streaming can be done without restriction. If the accident is in the area that has a hotspot, you can also take advantage of technology that is in the Wifi phone.

Unlike the iPhone 3G, mobile phone is equipped with Bluetooth full profile, including A2DP, and can be used to send files between devices that have Bluetooth.

The existence of a 3.2 megapixel digital camera that has the ability autofucus flash lights and make a reliable E75 camera to record spontaneous moments with the quality that remains awake.

E75 camera also has the ability record VGA resolution video with framerate 30 fps. This means that the video camera phone showing solid speed with a stable equivalent to DVD quality when displayed on the screen conventional TV.

We can also enjoy music player Nokia. The view that there is not as interesting property series N. sorting file complete, and display the Now Playing information ID3Tag keywords that are most appropriate for explaining.

One thing that is less likely the presence of 3.5-mm audio port. Usually this is only in the N series Nokia phone or XPRESSMUSIC and this is good news for those of you looking for a business device with the multimedia features are equivalent.


Return, enter the nokia GPS receiver on the phone. Capabilities supported by information via mobile and the BTS is called the A-GPS. Accuracy is not as great portable GPS device, but it is quite reliable in the city because it has a large and fast network update by Nokia Maps.

When compared with the E71, this mobile phone battery power has decreased. Capacity taken only at 100 mAh. With the type of Lithium Ion battery, the power of this appears inadequate. In one mobile phone charging can survive 1.5 days.

Nokia E75 in the present time. At the competition with a product that has pushmail seem like a difficult won the match, the old Nokia Mail is already used in this product.

Completeness of features, weapons become a mainstay, but some issues with the operating system and overall system performance is still leaving doubt. However, E75 is a Symbian S60 device that combines the ability E66 with E71, where the interface and support a third party is not a problem for this phone.


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