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Walkman with a good camera
Access menu & Features feels slow

Sony Ericsson restore glory Walkman mobile phone in a new device called W995. Because music phone also features a camera that is not the ability play, especially on the performance and quality. Without having to touch the sail, Walkman still be appropriate as a music phone.

W995 is called the effort to give Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone capabilities in the Walkman device. Not one, but it is also not surprising to see if the vendor is a tradition in the past. You still remember the phenomenon of W800 and K750. Although not exactly equivalent, W995 and C905 can be a new phenomenon that is similar.

This phone is made in the form of a slider. But still maintain strong impression with the election materials and the metal corner of the user that is not too much. Slide the fact that the mechanism was also not excessive, meaning still tasty though sometimes seemed a little heavy.

The identity of mobile phone music is very harmonious time in parallel with a typical camera. Where is the key to music (multimedia) are placed side by side with the camera in one hand, the same. Separated by the volume keys that also functions as a key zooming.

This placement is not without meaning. Move almost all the buttons on one side will leave the other side in the empty condition or at least the only place the data port traditional Sony Ericsson. That is, the phone is prepared to put italics (horizontal or landscape) as we intend to enjoy the video file. Where in this case, the side of the button will be in the top.

This will also be provided with in its "stand" which is put on the back of cashing. Quite unique because the addition can be used as a mobile phone holder when placed in italics, oval-shaped perforated metal can also be used as a hook to put the phone in the field of a high or a carabiner.

Unfortunately, the phone is not too generous on the screen. While competitors have started using the screen with a high color depth, Sony Ericsson W995 is still using the same type of screen with the classic depth (262 x 144 colors). This may be chosen because it is a standard requirement that the software running on the phone.

Meanwhile, the W995 keypad does not cause a problem for users. Although for those who have big fingers.

No one can deny the flexibility of the software the default Sony Ericsson. In the case of many types of support for the java application, mobile phone Sony Ericsson is still the foremost and Sony Ericsson W995 is still following this.

Although no operating system is open, java platform vendor that is used is sufficient to enhance the look and increase the productivity of the phone. Interface is also not much different from other Sony Ericsson mobile phone. However, with additional akselerometer we can change the screen orientation without having to press any key.

Unfortunately, several times found the system slow. When browsing the menu or when typing sms. Even worse is when akselerometer on screen and in new condition changed orientation. But this gradually improved if we use it long enough, provided that the conditions did not die.

Walkman Player
Walkman latest version has been used in this product. However, in this product can be not much change. If there are improvements, it is the breakthrough that started long used such as SenseMe.

SenseMe who is believed able to identify a music file based on the tempo and beat them in a different mood now start will be introduced in the portable gaming device such as a Sony PSP and PSP Go. In fact, this feature was mentioned several times in the presentation the new PSP system as a "gimmick" or features in a superior.

Such as the first, signed in Walkman player in a media package with features that include music players, video, photos, podcasts and RSS feeds. Where performance is not strange for Sony Ericsson mobile phone users, including the ability to recognize music files, ID3tags, sorting files and good quality output.

As a music phone, it is not surprising if Sony Ericsson W995 offers a two-speaker stereo and a 3.5 mm audio port right over the phone. Two things are able to encourage the quality of this music played better again.

Although not really good, the sound that comes through the speakers loud enough. However, because of the nature of the speaker phone with a small power is also limited, so loud the sound is not too ber characters. We can compare it with many Nokia N series products.

3.5 mm audio port back into the music end of it. Offering quality headset that is inbred and likely good enough to use the headset and external speakers of the third party not a little amount, makes way to listen to music via the portal is a thing that required for a quality answer.

Especially for video, not a lot that we can get. Still use the video player 3gp and MP4 format with limited capabilities. That is not all MP4, particularly those using a combination of different codecs, can be played on the phone. If only it supports divx / cvid will certainly another matter.

Lack of a camera Sony Ericsson W995 is left to its camera lens open or close without any specific mechanism to protect it from dust and concussion. But a matter of performance, this camera can compete on even with his brother own fellow Sony Ericsson C905.

A number of the professional camera comes with autofocus mode with the optimal introduction of the face, to smile more than three-point focus, the results can be satisfactory.

As usual image of Sony Ericsson does not show the color of objects. Even as it tends to show the original colors. However, the sharpness of the image shows the optimal, both at the macro and indoor photos outdoor.

So also in the video recorder, camera works well in the video sized WQVGA 30 fps. No video of the Nokia N86, but was made more comfortable so wide when viewed on the phone in a horizontal screen.

This phone has a modem equipped with HSDPA and HSUPA capabilities. Where is the download speed can reach up to 7.2 Mbps and upload speeds reaching 2.0 Mbps. This is a new trend in the mobile phone modem network that has been started first by a number of mobile phone. We are sure, new products will also be equipped with the same ability.

With the above technology, we can more quickly upload files, both images and video to the internet such as facebook. Compare with the normal speed HSDPA upload file in numbers only a maximum of 384 kbps.

Sony Ericsson W995 use Lithium Polymer type of battery with a capacity of 930 mAh. Standard course, considering this is the Lithium Polymer batteries are more durable. However with so many features that brought extravagant energy, batteries, Sony Ericsson W995 is able to endure 2 hours of charging in with the optimal usage.

Sony Ericsson W995 is a Walkman phone with a good camera. Design a robust and effective and many multimedia capabilities of the mobile phone is an added value this. Unfortunately, the problems that slow system performance, the absence of a lens cover and a number of issues in the support document will reduce the "fun" offered.


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Sony Ericsson W995 is a Walkman phone with a good camera. Design a robust and effective and many multimedia capabilities of the mobile phone is an added value this

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