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Double Cheap GSM Thin Design Touch Screen, With Unique Menu

Variations in service rates, to make mobile phone with Dual GSM technology into many people are interested. Because more people will choose to bring a mobile phone from the two mobile phone networks with the same. In addition to the expensive price, will also be making time taken.

In the market itself has a lot of mobile phones on the GSM Dual manifold. Counted more than two series have been owned by the respective vendor. IMO alone already has more than three series equipped with this technology. This proves to make the seriousness IMO Dual mobile phone on the market. Recently, IMO also introduced a series of back IMO G315 mobile phone as an alternative of this type. Besides the cheap price, other features also not less interesting.

IMO G315 has a candybar design, with a thickness to reduce the size of a fairly thin. Dressing in the colors silver, make the phone looks elegant. But unfortunately the material is selected that is less than the maximum of plastic material. Perhaps this is the phone causing the load to be light.

Alphanumeric keypad layout that is made with the average body is quite difficult when choosing each console, as there is no divider between one another. Fortunately the size of a large and a soft cushion to be easy when we send an SMS message.

To select menu, provided 5-way navigation button in the box. Besides the two call buttons are also included to support the technology Dual On. While one more key functions as a multimedia shortcut keys.

On the right wing, the phone displays USB port while the camera key and charger. While in the left wing only strengthened by the volume keys. To support the touch screen at the bottom of a small stylus that can be extended as you wish.

Display & User Interface
As a display, using the G315 interface 262 screen resolution thousands of colors that have touch technology. Wide size, which is 2.8 inch. With this size is quite satisfying in the users use it. In addition to using the keypad can available, the interface is also able to identify with Handwriting stylus or using the virtual keyboard when typing messages.

To order menu that is displayed other than normal. Because the order of the matrix from the top down has a 2,5,2 formation. With the view icons at the bottom of the small and large represented the animation on the top menu if you choose. Then when going idle, G315 will lock screen displays such as the iPhone and display hours.

Unfortunately, the order of this menu can not be changed such as mobile phones now. But the interface is usually quite different from this, certainly a typical mobile phone use in the IMO's matrix of standard normal order.

Excellent Features
Network Technology
To the user ease of two GSM operator card will be pampered with Dual on GSM technology. Moreover, both can be active at once. So that the user does not need to use two phones again. This feature is well prepared by IMO. Evident from the setting that is complete according to user needs, such as call, SMS, MMS, Browser and prompt dial.

To activate the card, can be arranged according to needs through the call settings > settings Dual SIM > SIM select Enable, then choose to stay where you want the card is turned on or both.

Support is considered enough entertainment features accommodate multimedia lovers. Music player because the player is able to play several file formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC +, WAV and AMR. Not only that, the G315 is able to play a video file format that supports MPEG4 and 3gp files. Unfortunately, features FM radio and TV tuner forgotten.

Quality of sound produced from the speakers to its audio output, clear and good enough. Because the two-speaker stereo support loudspeaker. Moreover, when the sound level is set at the maximum, so it is able to produce a loud voice. Moreover, with six Equalizer therein, can be adjusted according to the users ear.

Other features on the music player application is to display the lyrics that can be installed, so you can easily karaoke.

Although not using the 3G technology, G315 using two fixed cameras. Position the camera is on the front and back. Both have the same resolution is VGA. With the resolution has the G315 is able to generate the image size 640x480 pixels. Adequate size for the phone with a relatively cheap price of this.

Unfortunately, both the second camera in front of or behind that is not equipped with a flash light, so that the images on the night less than perfect. While the results of an image on a normal day, and relatively less focus, may not be included because the autofocus feature. The same results occurred when the recorded video views.

In this mobile phone users can store 500 contacts Phonebook, where each contact can be included on the number 3. While for the storage of SMS and MMS each can be stored for 50 and 200 types of messages.

While the G315 offers storage in the internal memory of 31 MB, while for external memory using MicroSD, and there the user will get a bonus of 1 GB microSD. If the user still can not replace it until the maximum capacity of 2 GB.

Facilities of the gamer can not forget that included in the phone is quite slim. Included some of the game is quite entertaining and can kill the time waiting. The two games and the Game Link Boxman.

G315 in this game are also included NES emulator (Nintendo Entertainment System). With the simulator is able to add you and play the game Nintenso support. How to enter into the game folder is ROM (game) that provided the phone.

Other Features
G315 also has other features that are not less important, such as the File Manager to manage the files that have the phone, Calendar to manage or schedule an appointment, Alarm, World Clock, Calculator and Alarm. Create your hobby is reading, can utilize the features E-Book reader. In addition, for those of you who like the sound recording. Features on the voice recorder can not record with a limited duration, provided that the available memory is enough.

Internet & Connectivity
On business connections, only the GPRS is still a mainstay on the phone. Fortunately the two cards held, the user can select the most robust signal when access to the internet. With the WAP browser which has guaranteed all able to open the WAP page.

While the path to the wireless connection, users can take advantage of Bluetooth to send files between devices that support. Unfortunately, not yet equipped with the A2DP capable Bluetooth to connect the stereo headset.

If only there is a connection to a PC USB data cable to perform well enough to just send the file. Even without special software support IMO can be directly recognized as a removable disk and card reader. In addition to the data cable G315 also change into a webcam with the special driver.

For mobile phone that has a function to create two cards inside the phone must be extra hard to activate the second card, and the result type of battery Lithium Ion 1800 mAh strength is chosen by the IMO. With the strength of this G315 is able to 300 hours standby time and talk for 5.5 hours.

Of the many phones that have features Dual on GSM, G315 may IMO could be an alternative option for it on a GSM Dual-GSM. In addition to the price be calculated cheap, evidently also feature no less with the other.

Unfortunately the G315 does not include a TV tuner and radio. Fortunately IMO has an interesting design. Including the unique menu display. With cheaper prices, when the G315 is not reasonable to provide many additional features.


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