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More than just Walkman
Equipped with music and camera features 5 megapixel

Year 2008 event yesterday to be "race" a vendor who provides the best in all product lines. Included in the range mobile phone camera and music. In the same year, some products start with a camera equipped with high resolution. From 5 megapixel to 8 megapixel start introduced. They also feature the music of the "scene". Start the software from ear to spoil the view that the application is easy to use.

Mobile phone Sony Ericsson W series has been known as a music phone that must be considered by another vendor. Name to be betting big Walkman Sony Ericsson. If not wrong Walkman digital software used on the W series mobile phones developed and Sony Ericsson W902 is one example.

Development is not always on the side of the camera, but also on the compatibility and viewing. Some of the Walkman phone was launched almost simultaneously with the Sony Ericcson W902, such as the W595 Walkman also features like this. But seen from the features and price of Sony Ericsson W902 seems to be the top class. Mobile Phone Reviews will try to review the Sony Ericsson W902 mobile phone is.

Sony Ericsson W902 is made in the form of a classic, the candybar like most other Sony Ericsson mobile phone. If you see a few years back, the design of this phone is similar to the Sony Ericsson K600. Where is the phone made a little flat with the rounded part on each side.

Not have a selection of interesting material. Especially if we see from the front only. However, a few interesting accents will be seen in the back of a deliberately created symmetrical, between the camera with the loudspeaker.

Other interesting things that we can find the button layout is the additional focus on one side only. The right side of the Sony Ericsson W902 which is the object of three multimedia buttons (play, next, prev), volume and camera. Leave alone the data cable port on the side opposite. If there's one other key that is located on the different, the Walkman button is placed at the top of the phone. This button is given the responsibility to open the music player without a quick entry into the menu first.

The key is also a key access to features with shake control technology akselerometer. Some of the Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phone version has adopted the same features, but not actually using akselerometer.

From all parts that can be seen in the Sony Ericsson W902, it seems only the D-pad with the little. The D-pad or the OK button is made with material that is quite slippery, and with a slightly rounded design to create the more slippery and less friendly with a large thumb. Several times we slipped and accidentally pressing the button which is the direction from the shortcut menus.

Sony Ericsson W902 may not be the Symbian mobile phone, mobile phone or Windows Mobile OS with specific others. But the system that runs on Sony Ericsson W902 is quite good and is the first positive thing that we can taste the products in the Walkman. Access to the menu and run the application that is provided quickly, almost no interference. Similarly with the presence of the display menu options that do not usually like. This is a new and different interface with other Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

Excellent Features
Music Players Walkman Media & Features
This phone brings sotfware Walkman Music Player version 3.0. Complete with some additional functions. In addition to the folder view artist, album, tracks and playlists, we will also find features SenseMe, folder genre, year, and Audio Books Podcast. For those of you with a Walkman digital music player or portable Apple iTunes certainly is not foreign to the term.

Just remind SenseMe separator is a feature of the music file based on the beat of the music files are. Where the music files that we have can be divided into four major groups, fast namely, slow (based on the tempo), sad and happy (based on the beat). You can add and edit the manual as a playlist. So that we can find the right music in every condition.

Genre and Year is a new folder, separated based on the genre of the music file and in the introduction, according to the ID3 information. That the new sorting music files, not the ability of the player is. For example, shake control by pressing the button ago Walkman phone swing to the right, left, front and back to change track and adjust the volume.

Output facilities are supported by only a speaker microphone. Less so good to hear directly through the phone's internal speaker. But Sony Ericsson to bring a quality stereo headset. Unfortunately, there is no port in the 3.5 mm phone. However, there is fortunate that the extension cable provided.

Music features can be accessed through the Walkman menu or pressing the button at the top of your Walkman phone. Or through the menu can also Media. Here, as usual, we also can find the folder that contains video, photos, games and web feeds.

Although the internal memory capacity of Sony Ericsson W902 can not be spelled out great, which is 25 MB. Sony Ericsson has provided a slot M2 and M2 8 GB card in the sales package. You can fill it with song format mp3 or m4a file format (AAC) as much as possible, as well as MPEG4 video files and photos without having to fear running out of space.

Usually Sony Ericsson mobile phone music a little different with the camera. We remember the W800 with the K750 brings the genre even though different in design and the time of sliding that is almost the same. Where is the W800 better concentrate on the music, while the K750 camera in hand.

Now no more. Sony Ericsson W902 provided 5 megapixel camera with a performance that is equivalent to the camera Cyber-Shot product. Auto focus, BestPic, image stabilizer, WB, to Geotag, supporting a feature that will accompany you learn portrait with Sony Ericsson W902.

Unfortunately, Sony Ericsson W902 is not equipped with GPS receiver. So to hang on Geotag a photo, you must have an external receiver or access the data with the nearest BTS.

Results images appear. However, little can be relied upon in the light minimum. This is caused by a defective flash. Not as good as xenon lamps, lights flash estimated using LED technology to give this too much light, so the photo will appear with a flash light too.

Sony Ericsson W902 camera can also be used to record QVGA resolution video at speeds of 30 fps. Good enough but not the most well dikelas it. Luckily Sony Ericsson W902 features editor in the phone. So that we can edit the photos and video directly into the phone without the need of the other device, such as computers.

This feature is known by the name PhotoDJ and VideoDJ. You can access it in the folder menu entertaintment. In this folder you can also find some other multimedia features that are not less exciting.

HSDPA & Browser
Music player Sony Ericsson W902 also has a network technology. Thus can be used for phone and high speed internet access. Thanks to the HSDPA technology, the speed of data access can be done in a maximum speed of 3.6 Mbps.

Many things can we do with bandwidht like that. Which is the main service and access videocall blog site. Upload photos or download the music can also be done without a hitch.

Facilities for internet access, Sony Ericsson W902 also has provided a typical browser. Access Netfront Browser form that is capable of displaying the web and wap as well.

Port data typical Sony Ericsson is still reliable as a channel for data, audio and power. Affairs in the transfer of data, all profiles are available so you can connect with all devices without the need to install anything.

When we want to use the Sony Ericsson W902 as a HSDPA modem, then you need to install PCSuit when connected to the PC. If you intend to send music files via a digital music player in your PC, then you can select the media transfer. But if you just want to send a file, you can choose the mass storage profile.

With mass storage profile, all the directories in the Sony Ericsson W902 will appear. Either internal memory or external memory (M2). This will be very helpful when you want to print the image or move the camera files are large.

With many features extravagant energy, Sony Ericsson W902 requires resources that is big enough. Lithium Polymer Battery BST-38 capacity of 930 mAh it is able to meet the needs. Without GPS it seems quite reasonable. However, the presence of HSDPA, a camera and music player make it difficult to survive long.

Luckily Sony Ericsson management has enough power. In one mobile phone charging is able to survive for 2 days. But it will not necessarily optimal, because the longer the features HSDPA or music player will drain power more quickly.

Few tips from Mobile Phone Review, if you want to enjoy the music player Sony Ericsson W902 phone without considering entry, use the flight mode. In addition to saving the battery, it can use when you are in the area that does not allow the mobile phone is switched on.

The Walkman with the 5 megapixel camera is the first time made a new Sony Ericsson, but the result is quite satisfactory. Apart from the expensive price, this product able to display the phone at the same time a dynamic music player and digital camera that can be relied upon.

Unfortunately, this mix features some of the excellent latest eliminated. GPS receiver is just one of them.


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