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Save a version ready to fight Places Reduction feature does not interrupt, Casing also lax

Though visible to concentrate on multimedia products, Nokia remains faithful to the fans of its businesses. Evidence new E series appear in the market with the E63. Overview of design and features that brought not much different from the previous E series product that is E71. But the fact is a new product is released as a version of the E71 sparingly.

E63 features that bring more economical than the E71. Is not easy choosing which should be reduced and seems to know what is in this product is the best results. Camera, HSDPA and external cashing some of the features are affected by savings. There are more?

As preceding, E63 made in a candybar design card type. Tend to thin out and useful to provide space to display the portion of the QWERTY keyboard and widescreen.

However, unlike the E71, this mobile phone cashing material is no longer in the domination of metal or plastic Texturized metal. Effect of glamorous reduced with the use of plastic on the back of the doff and plastic on the front of the ordinary. Similarly, with the coloring. When the E71 colors used are white and silver in the E63 colors that appear more fun start, such as red and blue. E63 means more to the market a more youthful and dynamic.

In addition to the material, does not have anything else of interest in the design. Few complaints may be directed to cover the audio port that does not stick to the main part cashing. Feared, closing this port will be easily lost due to the small size.

Nokia E63 strengthened the operating system Symbian S60 3rd edition. In other words, the mobile interface is the same as the E71. TFT display 16.7 million colors 320 x 240 pixels, pixels 2:36 into the main system. Same with the E71.

Similarly standby display and the types of applications that can run on the phone. Same!

Excellent Features
Series E series is business. Requirements that must be fulfilled is the compatibility of the office a number of files so that you do not need to bring the device to open the computer and edit the file. Terms that have been fulfilled thanks to the presence of QuickOffice applications. You can open and edit word documents, excel and power point in the phone wherever you are.

To do so, you can use the keyboard with the QWERTY layout is the same as the computer keyboard so that you can do with the quick editing. If you must send it to your business colleagues, the internet is also quickly available. You can send it via email that supports attachments. Easy is not it?

In addition to the file in the office E63 you can also open the PDF files, organizing the ZIP file manager.

Web browsers typically Symbian mobile phone ready to be the main advice to explore the virtual world. Ability show format and wap web sites with the same benefits that are offered. With a screen width of browsing activities become more comfortable.

However, the browser is not the only factor that will help you. It's WiFi receiver on the phone. We can take you around the hotspot to access the Internet easily.

When there is no hotspot then you can switch channels using the 3G data speed. Indeed, there is no HSDPA on this phone, meaning you will only be given flexibility to access the channel data speed of 384 kbps.

This feature is one of the reduced. Where no internal GPS receiver in the mobile phone. However, Nokia has been preparing a number of navigation features such as Nokia Maps. Of course, this application will be more useful if you buy an external Bluetooth GPS receiver separately.

This phone brings digital camera 2 megapixel strength. Unfortunately, E63 is the camera work a camera phone only. That is, good enough to capture spontaneous images, but less good for use as a tool of photography more seriously.

No autofocus and advanced camera settings here. Flash type LED also add only severe circumstances. Not ugly, but less good for a flash because of too much light to shed the image so that objects appear bright over.

In addition to photos, the camera E63 can also be used to record video with QVGA resolution and a maximum speed of 15 fps record. Good enough for a camera mobile phone business.
Although the Nokia E63 is a business product in the range, features still maintained in media with the capability of not less with the mobile phone Nokia series N. One is a music player. Music player is the same with the Nokia N series. Have performance that is also equivalent to support the file format is more or less the same.

File management system is considered to be the music player is good. We can easily find a song based on only one of the ID3 tag information to its course.

Output sound directly from the phone so less well. This caused the speakers to a single shaft. To overcome this we can use the 2.5 mm stereo headset.
Bluetooth and data cable into the mobile phone facilities with other devices. Both have supported the new system. Including the A2DP profile for listening to music with a wireless device.

HSDPA and GPS without batteries E63 work so a bit more light. Nokia still retain the type of Lithium Polymer battery with 1500 mAh capacity. Same as E71. No wonder if the resistance can be better than the preceding.

Nokia E63 is suitable for devices that require you to perform business activities, for example, send documents, email and sms with more quickly. Connection WiFi, QWERTY keyboard, 3G network and features a number of tools into the business quickly.

However, for a device that was cheaper, E63 seems to have too much reduction. GPS, material, camera, video call camera, HSDPA is affected by a number of features of quality. Unless you really do not need these features.


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