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Alternative PDA from Taiwan

ASUS has been known through the computer hardware product, whether laptop, PC and peripherals supporting. Attendance ASUS P552w is a positive signal because it will be interesting to build competition that comes with HTC's State of the same. Starting from the P552w, the processor that is equivalent to the most HTC devices that are more expensive, this phone brings a more complete feature.

ASUS P552w is made with a simple design. Broad shape of the palm is open, quite thin without key keypad. This form you can find on HTC products before, for example Touch.
Button on the phone only have the key telecommunications (call / end), the menu, the d-pad, power and volume. The layout of the keys adjacent and plastic made from a transparent, visible as thin and fragile texture that is still such as plastic toys, especially the battery cover.

ASUS P552w is a Pocket PC based device Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Thus the main interface can be enjoyed through the touch screen TFT 65,536 color, QVGA in 2.8 inch diagonal.

P552w touch using the system called glide. Easier for users in the move, turn and access the page with the soft touch.

This brings the phone's hardware is good. Processors that have the strength of 624 MHz Marvell Tavor type and able to compete with the trust property HTC processor.
Through a software on the ASUS P552w, we can set the processor speed as needed. In the default condition we already have automatic acceleration. Where the processor will adjust the speed based on the needs.

For memory, this PDA phone also offers enough space width. Flash memory for data storage capacity with 256 MB memory space and 128 MB of SDRAM. Especially for media storage, P552w also provides a form of additional memory slot Micro SD card.

Superior Features

Mobile Office
This is an excellent major Windows Mobile device. Because coming from the same company, the Windows Mobile system provides a very wide compatibility of files important example document management. Mobile office consists of a variety of office applications that are in the form of a mobile, such as mobile Words, Exel and Power Point.

Ability not only as a viewer only, but able to be editor and performance with the desktop version. Some people say that you do not need to buy a laptop if you have any Windows Mobile device.

HSDPA & Internet
One of the benefits of the ASUS P552w is the ability to explore the Internet in high speed. This is possible because there is a channel that can be HSDPA enables download speeds up to 3.6 Mbps.
In addition to using HSDPA, browsing the Internet can also be done with a WIFI connection. The speed will depend on the bandwidth that is provided in the hotspot that we use.

ASUS P552w is equipped with a GPS receiver SiRF Starlll type. As with the HTC has a similar feature. ASUS has a feature called GPA Catcher. Unfortunately, there is no navigation features in this phone.

ASUS P552w this brings a number of features multimedia latest. There are 2 megapixel digital camera. Performance is still the standard, using the fix does not have focus or autofocus, and the quality is not good enough.

PDA brings all of this type of connection is required. Bluetooth with EDR, A2DP capability, including, data cable, mini USB and WIFI. Acceleration and the nature of the means of this connection will be the same with all PDAs with the same OS.

To maintain the performance of the overall mobile phone, mobile phone use Lithium ion battery with 1100 mAh. Not a large capacity that is found in a PDA. When tested, the battery is only able to survive less than 2 hours with normal usage.

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