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Cyber Shot, New Technology

The full-featured, less satisfactory results of the camera. Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot in the image quality, are very great. Some phone model Sony Ericsson has also included the latest technology. One of them is Sony Ericsson C510 using technology "Smile Shutter".

Sony Ericsson C510 claimed as the property of the first mobile phone that Sony Ericsson has been using the Smile Shutter technology. Do not forget, many facilities are still okay brought the phone to encompass buyers.

Make you a fanatic with the Cyber Shot Sony Ericsson, of course already know very well with the design concept of this generation. Sony Ericsson C510 is given a number of key functions that facilitate action photography. The right side of the body, there SHUTTER button and zooming also have a function as the volume keys. When the camera mode active, the keypad is automatically changed into the camera key is marked with a blue backlight.

For the keypad, Sony Ericsson C510 has the structure of the meeting. When tried to type a message, keypad can respond well. Panel d-pad and soft key is less convenient mobile access. Because the model will be slightly concave model d-pad with the surface is higher.

Display & Interface
2.2 inch diagonal screen size for mobile middle class. 262,144 color TFT display QVGA resolution. To protect the surface of the LCD, Sony Ericsson mantle material with a special anti-scratch glass.

Standard menu icon Sony Ericsson could well appear on this screen. For face to face than the model grid, C510 also offers a choice of rotation and single icon. As several recent series such as C905 and C902, and also some Walkman phone series.

Unlike the W960 (Symbian) and the Xperia X1 (Windows Mobile), Sony Ericsson C510 only move with the base firmware java MIDP 2.0. This interface also has the phone supports 3D gaming platform.

Excellent features

Strength of the Sony Ericsson C510 camera is 3.2 megapixel. When tested to create the image, C510 camera can operate well in a place with abundant light. Example for outdoor photos. Images can present the results of a similar feel of the original condition. Color and light can be translated properly.

Unfortunately, when tested in the dark (indoor), the results are very bad losers and the Nokia E71 with a camera that has a resolution and facilities that are not much different. Images look blurry image, even not at all clear. E71 picture when the property can still be seen, although still visible blurred. Lights flash can not change performance camera C510.

To fix this, C510 equipped with photo editing features that are very good, photo fix and PhotoDJ. Performance also depends on the quality of the image, very bad if this feature is still just can not help.

Besides images, C510 camera also can be used to record video. Mp4 format with a maximum video resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA). You can also directly transmit the results to the film clips online via the portal features video blogging in support of C510.

Network & Internet
Such as C702 and C902, Sony Ericsson C510 is also using the 3G/HSDPA network. Ability access data maximum 3.6 Mbps. For a video call, the phone is also supported by a special camera that might be placed in front of the top of the body.

While the C510 to use Internet browser Access NetFront 3.4 browser so that a Sony Ericsson. Profile settings are for the browser, Sony Ericsson C510 offers automatic settings wizard to ease user.

Media Player
Although the entry in the Cyber Shot family, the media features in the Sony Ericsson C510 presents the same interface with the Walkman generation. Views sizable attractive, and easier to select the features which will be accessed. Can images, video, music, games and web feeds. Temporary storage space for files, can be the internal memory with a capacity of 100 mb and an external card with Memory Stick Micro (M2).

In the performance, the ability loudspeaker but not fast enough piping walkman series such as some low end, that seemed less than the maximum. Overall, the multimedia facilities may be spelled out for both a sizable mobile phone camera.

Cyber Shot as a middle-class, if reasonable means of phone connection is less complete. C510 only supports Bluetooth and cable data standard Sony Ericsson. Compare with the C702, C902 and C905 with the support that has WIFI.

Bluetooth and data cable can be used as the primary means of making mobile phone as a modem internet PC. In fact, you can use the connection as to print the photos directly to compatible printers.

Matter of power, the Sony Ericsson C510 has been set up Lithium polymer battery capacity 930 mAh. This is the same capacity with a large property C905. However, the Sony Ericsson C510 was more firm and more durable. Once in the charging and discharging the minimal camera flash, this phone can survive for three days.


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