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Fast processor in the device tiny Premium Design, Software support is less interesting

A Windows Mobile device vendor asal Taiwan new PDA, ASUS. Products that claimed to be most rapid in the PDA market for a processor with higher clock speed. Tiu but not the only powerful features that will get us in this device.

The presence of mobile phone Blackberry and Apple seems to be a challenge for the Windows Mobile device. As one of the means of communication as well as a personal digital assistant, PDA mobile phone is replaced by Blackberry start.

But that does not like making Balckberry and domination by one particular vendor, Windows Mobile for its fan-selected to give as many options, including speed acceleration offered.

P565 is made in the normal size for a PDA phone. Still faithful to the form of a candybar with the type of card is broad, short body can be spelled out and narrow. Almost like a small HTC Touch, but not as much as Blackberry Bold.

This phone is made with premium materials that are visible. Plastic glossy, metallic-colored plastic casing and a battery cover with layer of skin effect reminds us of Blackberry Bold. However, the plastic used is relatively thin and lightweight so that no weight when placed in a bag pocket shirt.

The withdrawal other pocket PC, mobile phone use touch screen as the main medium of interaction. ASUS but still provide some key assistance key Launcher for example, OK, D-Pad, call button, volume, power and mute switch. There are no performance problems on this button.

ASUS P565 runs Windows Mobile operating system 6.1 professional. View all this phone is equivalent to the previous product-based OS is the same. However, ASUS HTC follow a specific vendor use the interface to a device called a glide Interface. Allows screen to fit the finger touch movement gesture.

Mobile phone screen is the first positive point that can be seen. Is a 65,536 color TFT screen with a resolution for 640 x 480 oixel create a display object on the screen look sharp, compact and comfortable view.

Unfortunately, when we switch to the function that is a more attractive option, or glide Anytime Launcher theme, it looks so rough look. This is because, in the image glide Anytime launcher theme and still use the resolution of a regular PDA, the range 320 x 240 pixels. It seems that this can regenerate the developer in the future.

Processor & Interface
As already mentioned, this device is equipped with high-speed processor. Marvell PXA930 processor type has a 800 MHz clock speed. as a comparison, HTC Touch Pro has a chance the same screen resolution strengthened cock speed processor with 528 MHz only.

Recognizing that not all applications require maximum processor speed that brought, P565 also provides the option processor speed or tweaking. We can menetukan the desired processor speed. Adjust the processor speed with the need for quick or regulated, and are slow.

To maintain performance, this phone also carry the device memory of 256 MB Flash ROM and 128 MB DDR SDRAM. Provide space for a better acceleration.

Excellent Features
Mobile Office
Feature, which is always the excellent Windows Mobile device is compatible to various types of files that have intregasi with the computer operating system. One of them is the Mobile Office to execute the file a number of documents belonging to Microsoft, such as Words, Excel and Powerpoint.

We do not need to download support for the withdrawal this phone with a different OS. We also do not need to update the software just to get this kind of compatibility.

HSDPA, WIFI and Internet
This premium product ASUS has apparently equipped with technology classrooms on the network. HSDPA have enjoyed access to high-speed data service, up to 3.5 Mbps. Wifi also have to be connected to the network at any time without using the service operator. Both a standard mobile phone business and new ASUS presents well.

Matter of the browser used, P565 is the default browser provide the OS Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer. When tested, this browser works well but still has some limitations on the display.

Besides the browser, ASUS also provides a RSS feeder so that we can always connect with the forum, world news and sites that are compatible.

Email and Text Message
This is one of the terms of a business device. How not, email is always associated with the information whether it be a text document or notification important business meetings with colleagues. Blackberry is considered a king in the sight of this. But Microsoft also has the same services but more corporate, one level better than the Blackberry SSX property.

This means users pocket PC have the possibility to enjoy via Pushmail without levying any additional applications.

In addition to the multimedia features the default OS, namely Windows Media Player Mobile, ASUS to bring back some additional features that would function as a primary multimedia features in the P565.

Still with EZImusic, the music player is made more dynamic and is. Features such as the media does not default, the icon displays EZImusic in size. Including fonts used. This will facilitate the access can be done with the fingers without stylus.

Output audio run through the speakers with a wide chimney at the back, but there is no separate port multimedia. So all of incoming one hole, either the power, data and voice. Besides the music player, P565 is also equipped with a camera lens 3 megapixel resolution. Equipped with autofocus and flash light, this camera produces images that standard. Both outside and inside the room.
P565 using the battery type Lithium Ion battery with 1300 mAh capacity. This type of batteries are safe enough even though the need to run out of power usage.

But the problem is not the type of batteries such as Lithium Polymer respite. With some of the features that are wasteful of energy in the P565 size 1300 mAh capacity can be spelled out enough power to meet the needs of the device. Not less, not more.

Attraction P565 is on the system performance owing to the use of fast processors that have a higher clock speed in the market. At least until this time, the ASUS P565 difficult to get competitors on the side of this.

The default ASUS presentation, including the Music EZI are less with the screen resolution will be easier disaingi with other products in the same price.


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